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Bulldozer T-50.01

Bulldozer T-50.01

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Model - KT38-C, 12V396TC4
Producer - CUMMINS (USA), MTU (Germany)
Type - Diesel four-cycle liquid cooled turbocharged engine with direct injection
Operating power, kW - 550
Nominal speed, rpm - 1800
Number of cylinders - 12V
Cylinder diameter and piston working stroke, mm - KT-159x159;MTU-165x185
Fuel rate, g/kW per hour - KT-236; MTU-233
Oil burn-off loss, % of fuel consumption - <0,3%
Displacement volume, l - KT-37,7; MTU-47,4
Weight, kg - KT-3609; MTU-3960


Transparent fluid converter; rotor wheels diameter 530 mm; maximum transformation ratio o=2,37; maximum efficiency factor =0,906. The fluid converter provides using the engine peak torque and permits infinitely variable control depending on driven parts load.


Transmission is designed as an entire device, planetary gearbox (PGB), matching reducer, and main gear included. PGB is fully reverse three-speed power shift transmission with hydraulically operated disc friction clutches, 540 mm in diameter.


Double reduction gear; the starting gear is external toothing gear; the second planetary gear with stopped crown gear. To provide easy replacement under field conditions, the drive sprocket is made of toothed quadrants bolted together.


Impermanently closed steering clutches and permanently closed brakes are designed as oil bath multidisk clutches. This design enables the tractor to be easily and smoothly handled. The clutches are oil cooled under the pressure and do not need additional adjustment during all service period.


Three-point semirigid suspension with bogie remote pivot pin provides high thrust-and-clutch properties, impact load reduction, and, hence, the improvement of working conditions. Track rollers, carrier rollers, and guide wheels are equipped with a self-movable seal (gasket) like "DUO-CONE" and a lubricant, which does not require to be renewed during the whole service period.
Number of track rollers: 14 (7 on each side)
Number of carrier rollers: 4 (2 from each side)


The caterpillar has two-piece master track shoe, and it is provided with a seal and oiled hinges not necessary to be renewed during the whole service period.
Track step, mm - 290
Shoe number - 41
Grouser height, mm - 100
Shoe width, mm - 740
Ground contact area,m2 - 5,829


Pumps - Gear-type pumps NSH-250 - 2; NSH-10
Pumping capacity at nominal engine speed, l/min- 650 at 1800 rpm
Preset safety valve pressure, kg/cm2 - 200
Blade lift/drop hydraulic cylinders:
Number of cylinders - 2
Diameter and stroke, mm - 1801600
Blade tilt hydraulic cylinder:
Diameter and stroke, mm - 280320
Ripper lift/drop hydraulic cylinders:
Number of cylinders - 2
Diameter and stroke, mm - 280630
Ripper cutting angle hydraulic cylinders:
Number of cylinders - 2
Diameter and stroke, mm - 280560


One-seat cabin is based on rubber shock absorbers. The cabin is furnished with noise-reducing lining, due to large double-glazed windows, the maximum view area is possible; double glazing prevents icing. The driver spring seat can be regulated according to the driver's height and weight. Ventilation and air-heater make the work inside this cabin more comfortable. The cabin is furnished with an independent diesel air-heater. An additional independent heater and a conditioner can be supplied on special customer order.


Bulldozer blade - Hemispherical (SU)
Blade width, mm - 5520
Blade height, mm - 2425
Draft wedge volume, m3 - 25,5
Maximum blade lift, mm - 1610
Maximum blade penetration, mm - 730
Dozer crosscut tilt angle (on each side), degrees - 10
Weight, kg - 12000


Kind of ripper - Parallelogram, with a regulated ripper angle
Dipper teeth number - 1 3
Maximum ripper lift, mm- 960 1050
Maximum penetration, mm- 1760 1150
Ripper angle range, degrees- +14 +14
Penetration effort, kg - 32000 34000
Drawing effort, kg - 77200 68000
Weight, kg - 9800 12500


Fuel tank, l - 1320
Cooling system, l - 180
Oiling system:
DVS, l - 129
GTP, PGB, l - 350
BR, l - 250
Attached implement hydraulic system, l - 580


Speed, forward/backward, km/h, I gear - 4,1/5,0
II gear - 7,2/8,7
III gear - 12,0/14,2
Total weight, kg - 69000
Service unit weight, kg - 95500
Ground pressure, kg(f)/cm2 - 1,63

Phones/faxes in Russia: +7 (8352) 35-08-09

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