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· Machines, tractors, dozers, pipelayers, forklifts, trucks
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· Engines for machines, tractors, forklifts, trucks
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Machinery, tractors, dozers, loaders, excavators, graders, engines, parts for sale

      Here you can buy machinery, tractors, buldozers, loaders, pipelayers, excavators, grader, tractor parts, engines and heavy equipment. More information by e-mail or phone in Russia +7 (8352) 35-08-09.

Heavy machinery and parts of cheboksary tractor plant JSC Promtractor

Heavy tractor T-330
Bulldozer T-25.01
Wheel tractor TK (KB)-25.02
Dozer T-15.01
Tractor T-20.01
Pipelayer TG-221
Pipelayer TG-301
Heavy pipelayer TG-503
Heavy bulldozer T-500
Tractor T-35.01
Dozer TM-25.01
Heavy dozer T-50.01
Tractor T-11.01
Wheel loader PK-12.02
Pipelayer TG-321

Machinery, equipment and parts of other machines and tractor plants

Dozers CHTZ T-170, T-130
MTZ Belarus tractors
Track tractor T-150
Tractors LHT-55, LHT-100
Timber tractor TDT-55 A
Track tractor T-4 A
Timber machine TB-1M-15
Komatsu dozers D 155 A
Caterpillar bulldozers D 9
Dozers DT-75 VTZ PTZ
Wheel tractors K-700, K-701
Track dozer DET-250
Loaders PK, PV PF
Timber dozers TLT-100
Track tractor T-70 C
Timber machine TT-4 M
Komatsu bulldozer D 355 A
Caterpillar dozer D 6

      More tractors, bulldozers, loaders, pipelayers, forklifts, excavator, graders, trucks, machines, engines, parts and heavy equipment only on Russian - click here.

Phones/faxes in Russia: +7 (8352) 35-08-09

About Company | News | Machinery | Prices | Garden tools | Dealers | Contacts | Links | Russian | E-mail
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